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Folder Biodiversity monitoring

Continuous monitoring (monitoring) and changes the state of biodiversity in the local-regional or national, and global (planetary) scale is imperative and inevitable practical measure to ensure its conservation and sustainable use. In this method to protect the biosphere as a whole. today the program of global biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of its components, in the main ecosystems of the biosphere, included:

-marine and coastal ecosystems;
-forest biodiversity;
-biodiversity of inland waters;
- Biodiversity of dry and moderately wet areas;
- Biodiversity and other agricultural farmland.

Detailed research and monitoring within the program allows:
-identification and registration of all existing species;
-getting to know the situation and the possibility of 'authentic' life of local communities;
-determination of the presence of 'foreign' non-indigenous species;
-knowledge of the impacts of climate change on the state of biodiversity;
-assess the potential utilization of genetic resources;
-determining the economic value of biodiversity;
-assessment of the impact of various economic activities in the state of biodiversity;
-insight into the necessity of education and enlightening people about the need to conserve biodiversity.

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