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At the Millennium Summit of September 2000, the Republic of Serbia, together with 189 other signatory countries, adopted a Millennium Declaration specifying basic values upon which international relations in the 21st century should be based: liberty, equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect for nature and the division of responsibility. The eight Millennium Development Goals arising from the Declaration include

(1) the fight against poverty,

(2) ensuring universal primary education,

(3) the promotion of gender equality,

(4) the reduction of child mortality,

(5) the improvement of maternal health,

(6) the fight against serious diseases,

(7) environmental protection and

(8) the building of global partnerships for development.


The loss of biodiversity and natural resources may jeopardise efforts to achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). When viewed in the context of other goals, the sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources contributes and is closely related to  the achieving some other MDGs. 


The Republic of Serbia’s biodiversity conservation efforts are in line with its EU accession aspirations and the government recognizes the EU decision to entirely halt the loss of biodiversity within the EU by 2010. The 10 European objectives include:


Biodiversity and the EU

1)      To protect the EU’s most important habitats and species.

2)      To conserve and restore biodiversity and ecosystem services in EU rural areas.

3)      To conserve and restore biodiversity and ecosystem services in EU marine environments.

4)      To reinforce the compatibility of regional and territorial development with biodiversity in the EU.

5)      To substantially reduce the impact of invasive alien species and alien genotypes on EU biodiversity.


The EU and global biodiversity

1)      To substantially strengthen the effectiveness of international governance over biodiversity and ecosystem services.

2)      To substantially strengthen support for biodiversity and ecosystem services in EU external assistance.

3)      To substantially reduce the impact of international trade on global biodiversity and ecosystem services.


Biodiversity and climate change

1)      To support biodiversity adaptation to climate change.

2)      To substantially strengthen the knowledge base for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the EU and globally.


Source: European Commission, 2006. Communication of the Commission ‘Halting the loss of Biodiversity in 2010 – and beyond. Sustaining ecosystem services for human well-being’.

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