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Folder Public sector institutions

The Ministry of Environmental Protection, (MEP) performs state administration activities related to the system of protection and sustainable use of natural resources; inspections in the area of sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection; nature protection, establishment and implementation of protection of natural areas important for the Republic of Serbia; establishment of environmental protection conditions in spatial planning and construction; approval of transboundary trade in protected plant and animal species; all other activities stipulated by law. The Ministry has competence over the conservation and development of biodiversity and protected areas; monitoring and sustainable use of biodiversity and landscape; internal and international trade in endangered and protected species of wild flora and fauna.

Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (including sectors of industry, tourism and complementary activities); Ministry of Health (implementation of sanitary regulations pertaining to environmental protection and biosafety); Ministry of Science and Technological Development (main financial source for various basic and applied research related to the application and management of bio-technologies, as well as biodiversity monitoring); etc.

Under existing laws, certain competences in the area of environmental protection have been decentralized to provincial or self-government unit level. Competences of the Provincial Secretariat for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development have included activities related to environmental protection on the territory of AP Vojvodina, the protection of natural resources, in compliance with the law regulating nature protection, development and adoption of an environmental protection programme for AP Vojvodina territory, adoption of plans and programmes related to natural resources and goods management, control of utilization and protection of natural resources and areas of its territory and continual monitoring and control of the environmental status of the Province.

Local self-governments have competences over land usage planning, environmental protection and development, as well as utility services. Local level environmental secretariats have competences over environmental protection, including air quality protection, noise protection, municipal waste management, urban planning and permitting for construction of facilities other than those at the national level. Their statutory tasks also include strategic assessments of plans and programmes, environmental impact assessment and integrated permits.

The Environmental Protection Agency, is part of the MEP. The agency performs state administration jobs regarding development, harmonization and management of the national information system related to environmental protection, development of polluters’ cadastre, state of environment and environmental policy implementation data collection, analysis and reporting. The agency also cooperates with and reports to the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and the European Environment Information and Observation Network (EIONET).


The Institute for Nature Conservation and Provincial Institute for Nature Conservation, are a public expert institutions entrusted to perform activities on the protection and development of the Republic of Serbia’s national heritage. The Institutes perform professional activities of natural goods’ protection and research. The Institutes also study natural resources in order to put them under protection, implement measures and protection regimes, prepare studies to propose protection and valuation of natural resources, monitor natural goods’ endangerment and proposes protective measures, determine protection conditions and provide data on protected areas for the development of spatial and other plans. The Institutes perform other professional activities, as prescribed by regulations; study and protect the biological and geological diversity of the Republic of Serbia and also provide professional supervision and assistance for the management and development of protected areas.

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